What do you do if you just hit your face and a tooth came loose? Or where can you seek help if you haven’t been feeling right because you have a swollen gum? These are examples of the many dental emergencies that can happen at any time. Dental issues can be painful, but sometimes dental pain is not an emergency. So before rushing off to the dentist or the emergency room, you need to ask yourself, “do I need a dentist for a dental emergency?

And the answer depends on a number of factors. While it is the best course of action to see a dentist, you do not have to be frantic and worried. Like other medical emergencies, a dental emergency comes in varying levels based on the severity of your dental issue. So remain calm and determine whether you need emergency dental services or whether you can schedule a future dental appointment.

Do I Need a Dentist for a Dental Emergency?

For dental emergencies that are not life-threatening but need immediate care, you can schedule a dental clinic visit. You need to see a dentist to treat dental issues such as:

  • A broken, cracked, or chipped tooth
  • Swollen gums
  • Toothache
  • Lost filling, bridge, or crown

These are dental emergencies in which you can schedule an appointment to receive treatment, even when you schedule outside of regular hours. While these problems should be looked at as quickly as possible, these are not necessarily situations that should prompt you to head straight for the emergency room.

Remember that non-urgent dental emergencies can get worse if not treated quickly. So this is why you should make sure to schedule emergency dental care at your earliest convenience.

Go to the Emergency Room For Urgent Dental Emergencies

Do I need a dentist for a dental emergency? Well, yes, you do. But in addition to dental clinics, the ER is another place to receive emergency dental treatments. You can go to the ER for situations or traumas that involve the mouth and face. These dental problems are the kind that you may want to dial 112 because they may seem potentially life-threatening. Urgent dental emergencies include:

  • Severe toothache
  • Loose tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Bleeding gums due to a cracked or broken tooth
  • Jaw dislocations or fractures
  • Lacerations or cuts to the face and mouth
  • Serious infection or abscess

If you are experiencing severe dental pain or have cuts to your tongue, cheeks, or gums, these conditions definitely need urgent attention. So head to the dental clinic if you can. If this is not possible, then head straight to the hospital. Going to the emergency room is recommended if the dental trauma happened outside of office hours.

What to Do When Your Dentist Isn’t Available

Bleeding gums and cracked teeth don’t always occur when the dentist’s clinic is open. That’s why they get called emergencies. In case you have any of the mild issues mentioned above that happen during the weekend or non-business hours, call your dentist first. Dentists usually provide on-call emergency care for non-urgent dental emergencies.

With their help, you may perform some alternative care options to relieve pain and swelling. If you can’t reach your dentist and need immediate care, go to the closest healthcare facility.

So stop asking yourself, “do I need a dentist for a dental emergency?” If you’re bleeding or in severe pain, visit Antalya Dental Hospital today or call +90 242-999-1227 to schedule your next appointment.

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