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Dental crowns: What Are They, Benefits and Cost

Dental crowns are caps placed on top of damaged teeth. Crowns are used to protect, cover and restore the shape of your teeth when fillings don’t solve the problem. Dental crowns can be made out of metals, porcelain, resin and ceramics. They typically don’t require special care over time other than regular good oral hygiene.

Restore the shape and function of your smile.

Dental crowns are a very popular treatment for restoring the shape, aesthetics and function of a smile. A crown is a custom-made, tooth-shaped “cap” that is permanently placed over your natural tooth.

Your teeth may weaken over time, and your dentist may recommend crowns for many reasons. It can be used to rebuild and strengthen a tooth with a large filling, cap a tooth that’s badly shaped, or cover a dental implant. Crowns are also often used in natural-looking smile makeovers.

Why would you need a dental crown?

  • Protect a tooth weakened by decay or cracks
  • Restore a severely worn, broken or failing filling
  • Rebuild a broken or heavily damaged tooth
  • Improve aesthetics of severely discolored and worn-down teeth
  • Cover and strengthen a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Cap a dental implant

What are onlays and 3/4 crowns?

There are many types of crowns that can be used on your teeth. Onlays and 3/4 crowns are types of dental crowns that don’t cover as much of your underlying tooth as traditional dental crowns. A traditional crown will cover your entire tooth. Onlays and 3/4 crowns may be appropriate when you still have a solid tooth structure. It’s considered a more conservative approach compared to full coverage of your crown. In this procedure, your dentist removes the affected area and performs a reshaping of the tooth to receive the crown.

We provide the following types of dental crowns:

  • Ceramic or porcelain crowns (including Emax and Zirconia crowns)
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns
  • Metal crowns
  • Stainless steel crowns

Same Day Crowns

Also known as a single appointment crown, a same day dental crown uses CEREC technology, which allows us to custom-craft your ceramic crown within a few hours.

Cosmetic Inlays and Onlays

Also called partial crowns, inlays and onlays are placed over an existing tooth to rebuild its shape and prevent further damage and decay. They are made out of very strong crown material and are made to match the color of your teeth.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge consists of two or more crowns anchored on either side of a gap in the mouth, that is used to replace a missing tooth or several teeth. They are strong and reliable and are made to look and feel just like your natural teeth.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Health


Our FAQs are the most commonly-asked questions put to our Dental Helpline over the last year. If you have a question for us, you can ask our Dental Helpline by telephone or email. Alternatively, please take a look at our library of oral health information, which contains a wide range of oral health advice in an easy-to-understand Q&A format.

Why might I have a veneer?2022-02-06T22:16:21+03:00

Veneers are an ideal way of treating discoloured or unsightly teeth, closing gaps between front teeth, or repairing chips and cracks.

How can my dentist help?2022-02-06T22:10:27+03:00

If you do have bad breath, you will need to start a routine for keeping your mouth clean and fresh. Regular check-ups will allow your dentist to watch out for any places where plaque is caught between your teeth. Your dental team will be able to clean all those areas that are difficult to reach. They will also be able to show you the best way to clean your teeth and gums, and show you any areas you may be missing, including your tongue.

What will my tooth look like after treatment?2022-02-06T19:47:28+03:00

In the past, a root-filled tooth would often darken after treatment. However, with modern techniques this does not usually happen. If there is any discolouration, there are several treatments that will restore the natural appearance.

Are there any risks from amalgam fillings?2022-02-06T23:08:11+03:00

The mercury in dental amalgam is not poisonous once it is combined with the other materials in the filling. Its chemical nature changes so that it is harmless.

Research into the safety of dental amalgam has been carried out for over 100 years. So far, no reputable ‘controlled’ studies have found a connection between amalgam fillings and any medical problem.

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